What else indeed!  If you listen to all you hear, owning and running a website isn't easy...    It doesn't have to become a  nightmare, we are here to help you. Been doing this stuff for a while now and we have learned a few things.  Unlike everyone else,  who seem to want to keep it all a secret, we decided to list all the key stuff you really should know.

Google will tell you that the web is full of 'stuff', and it takes a lot of it to drive everything, get listed in search engines, have folk find your site, and have a website that that works properly and one that users can understand.

There is also a lot of nonsense talked about the web, about web site design , about search engines and the like.  It's a minefield really. Or is it?

This page is full of general stuff about the web and how to use it. This information is here for you to read, and keep. Some of it may help you on your road to owning a better website. Links are to the right of this