For those of you who are unsure about web hosting, it means the place we store your web pages. It's like 'file manager', but a folder on a PC that is never turned off. So we make your website and then we we store, or 'host' it on a powerful computer network that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are careful how we do this and only put your stuff on secure servers.

We offer web hosting and domain or web name registration. Check out our pricing, which has been held for a third year in a row and is very competitive...

Our servers are secure and we only buy hosting from industry leaders such as Heart Internet or Servage.  Web files are stored in the UK or West Germany. We don't use U.S. or Eastern European web hosting providers.

All our domain names are purchased via, the UK's leading domain name registrar.

You are of course, welcome to buy your own domain names and web hosting and just let us supply the web design part of the service. Some of our clients do just that. The choice is yours.


Domain names -

From £12 for 1 year

Domain names - .com

From £19.95 for 1 year


Web Hosting – standard sites

£2.40 per month

Web hosting – CMS and E-shops

£3.25 per month



Email – 20 addresses free with every hosting package