Content Managed sites

More and more web sites are now being designed as CMS sites or Content managed Systems. More complex than a standard web site, the design is based on two sides. The 'Front end' or the pages the web user will see when they go online, and the 'Back end' or administration system you as the site owner will use to amend your site, add pages, edit pages, delete pages and images. With a complete CMS you can control every single aspect of your site using an administration interface and a PC connected to the internet.

Until recently most of the CMS systems available, which are software driven programmes,  were very difficult for an every-day PC user to understand.  Now, we have found an CMS system called Concrete5, which is child's play to use and as easy to edit with as using an application such as Microsoft Office! So simple we an teach you to edit a site in under an hour.

Complete CMS driven web sites still need designing and building and as the work involved in doing this and programming them to work faultlessly is more complex initially than designing a static site, the costs are higher. 

This type of site is ideal for anyone with large amounts of regularly changing information, or for use as a company intranet. You can obtain many free add-ins to enhance the site, and specific items such as online shop add-ins and much more can be bought relatively cheaply.

So what do you get?

Complete design of new  site,  inclusion of logo and page header, colour scheme, design layout, navigation links or buttons , top, side and bottom site menus and layouts as used on every page. Included.

Setting up and filling with information of all web pages in the site with text, images, forms, maps, video  etc.

Setting up of all users, user permissions, passwords and site administration section.Included

Compiling and installing all mysql driven databases for use with the site, adding images required to the repository for start-up. Included

Site Optimisation for search engines plus two hours training on site should this be required. Included

Support for the first year. Included

Domain name (, .com, .net etc) charged at cost. Included

Web Hosting (provided by us). Included

Typical cost for a basic CMS site including all the above is £395 in the first year, with only annual web hosting and domain renewal charges in subsequent years.

What does it all cost?  Click here to find out....