At Lincs Web Design we don't believe that e-commerce sites should be expensive. That's why we have developed a simple e-commerce solution for those just starting out with an on-line shop.

After all, you don't want to pay upwards of £750 to have an on-line shop designed, or tie yourself in to  monthly payments of between £40 and £60 for a year or more if you are not sure your idea will work. 

That's why our simplified on-line shop solution costs just £299 in addition to our standard web page design charges!  That's a little over £19 a month in annual monthly terms. An un-beatable price for a fully functioning, professional e-commerce solution with no limits to items or categories.  AND, once you've paid for it, there's nothing more to pay. No monthly or annual subscription fees - nothing.

Best of all it's simple to use. We can colour customise it to match your website, we can include your own logo and allow you to take on-line payments via credit card without the need for expensive credit card merchant accounts.  Un-like many so-called simple e-commerce solutions that take a degree in computing to be able to use, this one really is simple to maintain.  All you need is a Pay Pal Premier account and you can sell on-line.

What do you get?

Complete design of new site including logo and page header, colour scheme, design layout, navigation links or buttons , top, side and bottom site menus and layouts as used on every page. Included

Setting up of all standard shop pages including some initial products pages, product category pages to get you started, uploading of some product images. Included

Setting up of administration system pages, users, log in details, currencies, payment gateways etc. Included.

Domain name (.co.uk, .com, .net etc)  and Web Hosting (provided by us)  Included

A sitemap, a 'must'  to speed up the process of getting your site ranked by the major search engines. Included

Initially, site optimised for all your keyword or keyword phrases and optimised initially the best way possible for improved web search rankings and submitted to Google, yahoo and MSN for inclusion in these search engines listings. Included.

Any links to other sites, directories, mapping data sites and so on that you require (so long as these are not paid for inclusions). Included

Registration of the site with Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. Included.

What does it all cost?  Click here to find out....