Graphics & Galleries

Images for your website. We can use and even enhance, and crop your photos to fit the needs of your website. We can take photographs for you, or we can buy suitable images from reputable suppliers such as shutterstock or alamy that can be used on your website.  We have software that can re size, re-scale without loss of quality and even combine your images to enhance the look of your site.

Moving graphics.  There are loads of different kinds. Flash is slow and cumbersome, but using J-query and other programming features, we can add all manner of moving images to a website.

See the rotating images below, then look further down at the web gallery. It's all do-able.

europe_valencia_hemispheric (1).jpg europe_germany_munich_arch (1).jpg europe_rotterdam_port (1).jpg europe_england_stonehenge (1).jpg northern_az_lake_powell_house_boats (1).jpg

Image galleries. Quite useful sometimes on a website... We cane make them in various columns, with varying thumbnail sizes, and when you click on a picture, it can open in full ior half size.  Take a look below.