A recent addition to our web design service is that of 'pay as you go'.  The result of many requests from people, we have now decided to add this method of paying for web design to our list.

The cost of designing your site, hosting your site and paying for the yearly renewal of your domain name are all included in the monthly payment scheme.  You pay a deposit (to cover the hosting charges and the initial registration of your domain name and the initial design) and are then only committed to make the first 6 months payments, after which you can decide to just walk away and we won't bill you for anything else. Thereafter you need only give us one months notice in writing to quit the programme and we'll stop charging you and take your site down of the internet. Simple really.  Or you can just continue making the monthly payments and we will continue to look after you and provide support free of charge, including changes to pages on your site.

Here's what it costs to set up and the following monthly costs (payable via Standing Order or Direct Debit.  recurring payments):

Static Web sites

  Site size: Deposit: On-going monthly payment (min 6 months)
  1 to 30 page site £100 £17 per month
  31 pages plus  £100 £20 per month

CMS  website

  Site size: Deposit: On-going monthly payment (min 6 months)
  1 to 15 page site £100 £27 per month
  16 to 40 page site £125 £27 per month

E-commerce sites

  Site size:  (at start-up only) Deposit: On-going monthly payment (min 6 months)
  1 to 20 page site £100 £22 per month


If payments are stopped at any time without prior written warning, the site will be taken down from the internet